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Hi, I'm Jeremy.

Christ follower. Husband. Father. Doctor. Marathon runner.

As a North West Ohio farm boy, I dreamed while running the mundane flat county roads. I was running to practice for the next race. While running, I dreamed of being faster, going longer and exploring ideas of where life could take me. My passion took me to college and then to medical school. Presently, I'm an orthopedic and sports medicine physician. 

Outside of work, I enjoy my family and still have a passion for distance running. In 2011, I ran my first marathon and now have a goal to do a marathon in all 50 states! Jana and I married in 2014 and have a joyful 2 year old girl, Juliana. In 2020, our unborn son, Noah, was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome or HLHS

My life is filled with many blessings and at times takes some unexpected turns. One thing I know is that a bend in the road is not the end of my journey, unless I fail to make the turn. My faith keeps me grounded and I'm excited for what God has planned next.

Why Cross Runners Heart?
"A runners life experience leading hearts to the cross"

Why would a type-A, methodical, left-brained individual force the other side of his brain to flex its creativy and start writing a blog? It seemed unnatural for me. I like structure and predictability. I studied science and loathed any type of liberal arts subjects during college. I was distance runner (somewhat of a "jock") and a studious pre-medicine major. This "LEFT brain thinking" continued but has evolved. 

Sometime after learning of my unborn son's diagnosis of HLHS (Noah's Heart), I was on a long run pondering the famous question Christians (and many others) have, "If God is almighty, why do bad things happen to good people?". I also briefly wondered, "Am I a good person?" As I pressed on during my run, I reminded myself of the many times in my life that God took something broken and made it beautiful.

I am trusting in a plan greater than what I am often able to conceptualize in this logical, LEFT-sided brain of mine. If Noah is going to have to grow and strengthen the right side of his heart, I'm going to work on the right side of my brain by creatively sharing my journey ("RIGHT brain thinking"). If I can share my learning experiences which have been gained by my passion for distance running and my family, I hope Cross Runner's Heart and blog can lead you, the reader, closer to the cross, salvation and peace. 

Subcribe below and take the journey with me!